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 By debbie lynn elias    Movies    July 30, 2015


It’s a big week for documentaries! Although showing on perhaps only one screen within a multiplex theatre and in specialty theatres like The Landmark which cater to these indie gems, each of this we...

 By Debbie Lynn Elias    Movies    August 9, 2010

Hugh Hefner: Playboy, Activist, Rebel

I have always been one who liked to look behind the public veneer and get to the crux of a person or an issue, finding that more interesting than what meets the eye. One of those individuals for me...

 By Debbie Lynn Elias    Movies    June 30, 2010

South Of The Border

Oliver Stone is legendary for his excellence as a filmmaker. “Wall Street”, “JFK”, “W”, “Nixon”, “Born on the Fourth of July” are just the tip of the iceberg. He is equally known...

 By Debbie Lynn Elias    Movies    June 30, 2010


With the Fourth of July upon us, what better way to celebrate than to remember and honor the men and women who, for over 200 years, have fought for and defended the freedoms that we as Americans hold...

 By Debbie Lynn Elias    Movies    June 2, 2010

Best Worst Movie

When it was finished, there was no theatrical release. Trolls were nowhere to be found. Instead vegetarian goblins were the enemies of the Waits family, and what was performed in true earnest, went...

 By Debbie Lynn Elias    Movies    June 2, 2010

Waking Sleeping Beauty

The bar is set and the Documentary Oscar race begins with the debut of WAKING SLEEPING BEAUTY. Not environmentally or politically messaged, WAKING SLEEPING BEAUTY takes a rare, honest, and very...

 By Debbie Lynn Elias    Movies    August 13, 2009

It Might Get Loud

Things will definitely get a little bit loud with the rockumentary IT MIGHT GET LOUD, a sit down with three generations of rock legends, guitarists Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin), The Edge (U2) and Jack Wh...

 By Debbie Lynn Elias    Movies    July 12, 2009


In what has become one of the most controversial films to hit the big screen, even without a distribution deal, is Fredrik Gertten’s BANANAS!* Originally slated as a competitor in the Documentary...